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Simplycom is the canadian alternative operator specializing in cloud business phone systems. Simplycom is a member of the CRTC and offers telephone systems and solutions for businesses.

We have one goal in mind: supply companies with top of the line tools at the lowest possible cost. We  are well aware that  technology is a key element for  small businesses to remain strong in the marketplace.  

We possess  valuable knowledge stemming from working for 12 years as consultants in major telecommunications companies.   

Our customers want to save money, embrace technology and get outstanding service. We deliver on all these fronts, and we make it look simple! 

In fact, we are so confident in our level of service that there is absolutely no contract and no obligation for customers dealing with us! We are bearing all the financial risks so you don't have to!

Our first client is still with us.Questions ? Let's talk.

ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR ? Or perhaps a Small Business owner ? If so, you know the importance of having a reliable phone system. One that makes your business sound more professional, more impressive and makes you more accessible. A phone system that's easy to use, incredibly advanced and more affordable than traditional solutions. One that tells prospects, customers and partners that you mean business. Get a free quote: 1.844.303.1300


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